About Us

GABN enables scale, growth, and productivity for businesses using its unique gift set and experience with telecommunications and project management expertise. 

Founded in 1995, GABN started one of the first ISP's to own its own facilities and provide on site support for introducing Dial Up and High Speed Internet to businesses.  

GABN continues to provide thought leadership and best of breed solutions for businesses as an ISP and certified communications provider.

GABN is extremely client focused.  We are passionate about designing, implementing, managing, and growing solutions in today's complex multi-vendor business environments.

Meet The Leadership Team

Clay Colvin, President & CEO

Clay has been a part of our company's leadership team for over 15 years.  Utilizing his computer engineering background, he has had different roles serving Georgia Business Net, other telecommunications companies, and a few non-profits.  These diverse experiences have served him well to continue leading in an environment that brings him great joy.  "In this tech era where many want to scale with technology alone, I'm committed to helping businesses achieve a rewarding workplace, deliver an optimal client experience, and growth.  Today's communications platforms provide us with the ability to foster the importance of real relationships.  Georgia Business Net will continue a long history of providing a meaningful client focused alternative to Internet and Telecommunications solutions.  We will challenge ourselves and our industry partners to deliver better results and a better user experience."  Clay's primary focus is on vision for our company, top-level business development, sustainable growth practices, new and improved services, and market alignment.

Adrienne P. Colvin, Vice President / General Manager & Finance Director

Adrienne is not a stranger to the entrepreneurial world or a family business.  She has been part of both for much of her life.  For more than 20 years, she gained experience in the flower shop industry.  Americans spend 21 billion dollars or more each year with local florists.  Adrienne has functional experience in production, purchasing, and executive management for a few of the nation's top florists.  Her experience also includes managing operations for an early flowers and gifts online tech startup, and managing the constant changes associated with ordering flowers online.  Local florists were using electronic  communications between each other long before the commercial Internet as we know it came to pass.  Adrienne has been a part of the Georgia Business Net team for over 4 years.

Sandi Chalker, Vice President / Operations & Client Relations

Sandi has worked with businesses and their technology plans for the entirety of her career.  She finds great joy in watching technology and business functions interact.  After helping grow several information technology firms to national recognition, Georgia Business Net was fortunate she joined the telecommunications industry, and our leadership team in early 2012.  We depend on her intuitive abilities and experience to lead us in continuous improvement processes for efficient operations and effective client results.  Our clients routinely see the value in her passion to learn what makes their business tick, and then develop a technology road map for their scale, growth, efficiency, and resiliency.

Doug Hamlett,  Project & Support Director / Network Maintenance

For over ten years, Doug Hamlett has seen many GABN clients through to success.  His fascination with technology started at a early age while growing up in North Carolina.  His love for technology carried Doug overseas to Germany for over 17 years working on secret technologies for the U.S. Government.  Outside of work, Doug volunteers his time to provide key technical support for his local church's twice a week online media efforts.

Robert C. Hand, Project & Support Director / Product Management 

Team member and leader for over nine years, Robert has watched the trends of technology come and go, and come back again.  At his core, great products and successful deployments are what drives him each day.  Our team & clients are fortunate to have him steering, recommending, and improving our products each and every day.  Robert is a fan of great movies and television.  On the weekends, you will most likely find him searching through various new releases in the hopes that they measure up to his high, but very reasonable, standards of excellence.

Aaron Lasher, Project & Support Director /  Operations

With a passion for people and technology, Aaron joined our team in early 2015.  He has worked in several information technology roles for large broadband service providers as well as a small information technology firm.  With his past service provider experience, Aaron provides a unique and valuable perspective to our operations and process improvement.  In his spare time, Aaron can be found working on the next home technology project and drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew.