More on The Internet of Things

Now is the time for CES 2016 in Las Vegas.  Remembering all the way back to CES 2015 and reading the news this week, a couple of things remain true in my mind.  

Get used to the term The Internet of Things or IOT.  Wearable tech was all the rage in the past (and there's no sign that concept will fail)..  But let's face it , you can't wear everything!  The Internet of Things market, driven by business demands and a higher expectation of convenience, is very interesting.  

Many of the new gadgets and devices are outside of what Georgia Business Net focuses today, but as reliability improves and concepts are proven,  I can only wonder what enters our purview in the next couple of years.

Let your mind wander and dream a little while you read headlines like:

German Manufacturer CEO Remakes Company Around 'Internet of Things'

How exciting will it be to see training conducted in a high quality Virtual Reality Environment!  Fixing equipment with no risk of injury or expense?  All your products will be connected via IOT or Bluetooth, which leads my imagination to new business models and new ways to communicate.

Georgia Business Net focuses on managing business communications in today's network world.  In 2016, we are well aware that communicating is so much more than the desk phone and email.  How many things will we be managing in the future?

Keep Dreaming!

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