Tips for Client Engagement in the Information Age

The Georgia Business Net team is constantly evaluating how we engage our clients.  By and large, all businesses are faced with this ever changing challenge for internal and external clients.  Due to the nature of our business, we often partner with our clients in their internal meetings to assist defining a "best" strategy.   Here are a few of our thoughts taken from recent sessions.  

As technology and social norms change, we are sharing a few items to consider and hopefully this helps your team start a conversation toward defining "what's best":

  • Frequency of Proactive Engagement - Too much?  Too little?
  • Preferred Communication Methods & Resources Available to execute
  • Type of Industry / Vertical affects these how?

After thinking through those areas, isn't it amazing how the playing field and rules can turn on you without notice!  What's best today is very different than just 18 months ago!

For The Telecommunications Industry

Let's have some fun, and give you a peek inside of Georgia Business Net.  Our business is confronted with similar challenges as any other.  Although telecommunications, as a whole, receives routine venomous feedback over and over, year after year.  Some cite incredible growth, a lack of meaningful competitors, and constant technology changes, as a few reasons the industry gets its share of negativity.   However, GABN has always leveraged this feedback as great motivation to be better when working on your latest VoIP Solution or communications infrastructure.  We could use the vast array of tools at our disposal to create a highly automated end user experience.  We have unlimited high speed internet, Hosted PBX resources, and new mobile applications, but we must resist the tendency to allow technology to surpass the importance of personalized service and real relationships!  We also have taken notice that our services have become increasingly complex and change often, which drives us to focus less on the products and more so on managing a road map of results for you in the long term.  But that's enough about us... let's talk about some of you.

For Professional Service Firms

Whether you are a transactional firm or a management firm, you know as well as anyone that automation has impacted your daily workflow greatly.  Your "why" remains, but the "how" has many options.  From our purview as a communications vendor and business partner, we see that your industry is focused on a client's convenience and getting back to the basics of customer service.  However, you must balance these items with workflow efficiency and the latest technology to continue growth.  Connecting to clients with technology definitely leads to satisfaction, so long as the content is relevant to them personally.  In other words, you can successfully please your clients with automation, but one message doesn't fit all.  You'll need to create needs based message groups and processes.


Tremendous change in healthcare has led to analyzing the core of a provider's business model.  All change is painful.  A wrong move for one of your clients means hours of paperwork and phone calls to debate or dispute a painful billing issue.  Your client engagement focus should be on preventing this pain.  If your team is focused on developing frequent, proactive, and relevant guidance, your client's experience will be praised.  Simplicity and timely messages are two of the keys areas that define success.

If the business leadership will intentionally create process of continuous evaluation, I can say with confidence, and hopefully as your client in a few cases, that the user experience will be great.  People matter.  Therefore real relationships matter.  Those of you that keep your eye on this target will be well positioned to win in game where the rules keep changing.


Since 1995, Georgia Business Net's mission has been to provide relevant technology guidance and strategy based upon fundamental proven business principles.  Today, GABN is focused on partnering with businesses to design, implement, and manage voice, data, and cloud communications platforms.  Our project management focus allows us to deliver excellent client outcomes in multi-vendor environments.