Myths about Unified Communications, Hosted PBX, and Integrated Mobile Phones - Part 2

Myth #2: Small businesses implement UCaaS and Mobility for the same reasons as enterprises.

For a large enterprise, Hosted PBX solutions and feature rich UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) are chosen to improve business processes.  Collaboration, conferencing, and unified messaging are all wonderful features to focus on to streamline business processes, foster communications in separate geographies, and reduce expenses in many affected areas.

The majority of small businesses are not focused on the same feature set.  Small businesses are nimble and quick to pivot - out of necessity in many cases.  Small businesses can change the "how" of operations in the middle of a business day.  A flexible, scalable, elastic telephone solution fits a small business strategy well, and it enables that desired quick change ability.  When a hosted solution has a pricing structure that is focused on "right size and right value" at all times in the life cycle of a small business, the possibilities of overcoming traditional obstacles become easy.  With options for integrating a mobile workforce, teleworkers, and traditional desk handsets into a single phone system, mobile workers (once separated due to traditional call forwarding and cell phones) can now "cover the office" in seamless fashion.  Now with cell phones, mobile workers can appear "in the office" when business demands may have pulled them away.  All of this can be accomplished with a "bring your own device" strategy!  Even in an era of advanced features, "right size, right value" is still accomplished with your mobile workforce! 

As features come to light, we see that small and large organizations benefit from the variety of benefits UCaaS has to offer.  Here at Georgia Business Net, our purpose is to help your business scale to the next level easily.  Our solutions are geared for growing businesses... even startups where the entrepreneur is still a "one man show"!  We have the caring team members, the processes, the project management philosophy, and the telecommunications products to help you do just that!  If you are a "one man show" or larger, we want to be a partner to help you grow!  For more information, please visit or contact us today at 706-823-2115.