Solving the BIGGEST Small Business Challenges


Georgia Business Net helps solve some of the BIGGEST challenges for a small business.

Does this sound familiar?

You are a small business owner and ...

  • I can’t find the time.  

  • I’ve got a big vision, but a small budget.

Georgia Business Net is more than just a telecommunications company.  Our project management methodology helps you implement solutions that solve real world problems with greatly reduced effort on your part.  Our team partners with you to implement projects that solve real world challenges slowing your growth!  Why do we do it?  We exist to help your business scale and grow.  We exist to help you live out your BIG vision.

Business Phone Services, Collaboration Technologies, and their related strategies are the "what" we do for you!  The first part of our process as your partner is to LISTEN while you cast your vision to our rock star team members.  

  • Do you want to project a big-company's professional image?  
    • We can help with auto attendants and music-on-hold features that sound very professional. 
  • Do you want to stay connected while you are on the move?
    • Our mobile apps feature company wide extension dialing and advanced call forwarding.  Great for temporary or part-time staff that enjoys teleworking.
  • Unify all your employees with one communications solution, and a local partner to provide the professional implementation and ongoing support that small business demands.

We offer so much more than a basic business phone system.  Our enterprise features, our team's experience, and our local support are helping savvy business owners compete and excel.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can help you grow.  Contact us today at 706-823-2115 or click here.  From one handset to many handsets, we can create a winning solution for any sized budget.