Net Neutrality & Privacy – What does it mean for and You? 

FCC 2017 - Net Neutrality & Privacy – What does it mean for and You?  Will the nation’s largest ISP’s behave in 2018?

Since 1995, has provided business advisory services, as well as Network & Telephone System Services.  We specialize in helping multi-location businesses grow and scale across the nation.  Our years of experience have taught GABN how to prepare for wildly changing Internet policies.  I’m proud of the GABN team for handling the effects of Washington’s policy changes so well that our clients can remain focused on their own success.

We want everyone to know a few details regarding GABN’s beliefs:

  • Your Privacy matters to us.

GABN will not collect and sell a client’s browsing and usage habits to third parties for any reason, even if allowed to do so.  Under the current FCC rules, Internet Service Providers are not required to ask a client’s permission to collect and sell data.

  • Your GABN product will be exactly as advertised.  Internet Access without obstructions.

Net Neutrality rules or not, GABN will deliver your services abiding by open Internet principles.  The rules changed on December 14, 2017 with an FCC vote to repeal rules that demand a free and open Internet.  When those demands are lifted, GABN will not change how we operate.  

We want your business to grow, scale, and succeed.  We want to win based upon the merits of our services.  No one wins when hidden agendas exist.  

GABN understands the FCC is a political animal.  For over 20 years and four different Presidents, GABN has succeeded by solving problems in all climates.  We study for the future without ignoring the results your business requires for today.  

4 Reasons Why Businesses Chose Services This Year

GABN makes critical complex purchases simple for you. 

Why?  This is THE question we all ask before we make any purchasing decision.

We are thankful that GABN’s niche is growing.  Here’s why and how GABN is helping:

  •  Technology Changes Rapidly

Phone Systems, Internet Transport, Mobility, and securing a Wide Area Network -  When is it prudent to change or adapt to a new technology that helps you accomplish business objectives?  GABN has a long and successful history of helping clients build and manage these solutions with right sized value.


  • Wide Variety of Options Available Now

Mergers, Acquisitions, New Companies, New Types of Service Providers cause an overwhelming amount of choices.  Relying on our experience, GABN helps determine which vendors and approaches are the best long term value for your business.

  • Complex Contracts & Pricing

Complex processes for quoting, contracting, and ordering often exist with telecom companies.  Fortunately, GABN places a high priority on understanding, managing, and helping you successfully navigate this ever changing landscape of regulations and rules.

  • Your Internal Business Goals Change & Compete

Often times, your Accounting Department needs are very different than your Inside Sales & Support Team.  GABN provides guidance based upon years of experience with a variety of businesses like yours.  

The GABN team intentionally focuses on putting ourselves in your shoes.  From your point of view, we can serve you best.  Your business productivity and growth goals come first, and then our team partners with you to formulate a communications technology strategy. 

Since 1995, GABN has built, managed, and upgraded thousands of networks.  Our team is uniquely positioned to provide the best value for your Internet, Telephone, and Cloud Communications solutions. 

What A Great Year! Thank You! More to Come!

Thank you for a great year! Can't Wait to Share what's coming in 2017!

Thank you for making GABN a proven choice for rapidly growing businesses!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with you, our clients, and are amazed at your rapid growth and scale this year.  2016 was a win win for all of us!  We can't wait to share with you more exciting news in 2017!

GABN's integrated communications solutions feature great online tools AND a great team ready and waiting to support you when you need it.  We connect the dots to enable scale and growth for your business. 

Solving the BIGGEST Small Business Challenges


Georgia Business Net helps solve some of the BIGGEST challenges for a small business.

Does this sound familiar?

You are a small business owner and ...

  • I can’t find the time.  

  • I’ve got a big vision, but a small budget.

Georgia Business Net is more than just a telecommunications company.  Our project management methodology helps you implement solutions that solve real world problems with greatly reduced effort on your part.  Our team partners with you to implement projects that solve real world challenges slowing your growth!  Why do we do it?  We exist to help your business scale and grow.  We exist to help you live out your BIG vision.

Business Phone Services, Collaboration Technologies, and their related strategies are the "what" we do for you!  The first part of our process as your partner is to LISTEN while you cast your vision to our rock star team members.  

  • Do you want to project a big-company's professional image?  
    • We can help with auto attendants and music-on-hold features that sound very professional. 
  • Do you want to stay connected while you are on the move?
    • Our mobile apps feature company wide extension dialing and advanced call forwarding.  Great for temporary or part-time staff that enjoys teleworking.
  • Unify all your employees with one communications solution, and a local partner to provide the professional implementation and ongoing support that small business demands.

We offer so much more than a basic business phone system.  Our enterprise features, our team's experience, and our local support are helping savvy business owners compete and excel.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can help you grow.  Contact us today at 706-823-2115 or click here.  From one handset to many handsets, we can create a winning solution for any sized budget.

Myths about Unified Communications, Hosted PBX, and Integrated Mobile Phones - Part 2

Myth #2: Small businesses implement UCaaS and Mobility for the same reasons as enterprises.

For a large enterprise, Hosted PBX solutions and feature rich UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) are chosen to improve business processes.  Collaboration, conferencing, and unified messaging are all wonderful features to focus on to streamline business processes, foster communications in separate geographies, and reduce expenses in many affected areas.

The majority of small businesses are not focused on the same feature set.  Small businesses are nimble and quick to pivot - out of necessity in many cases.  Small businesses can change the "how" of operations in the middle of a business day.  A flexible, scalable, elastic telephone solution fits a small business strategy well, and it enables that desired quick change ability.  When a hosted solution has a pricing structure that is focused on "right size and right value" at all times in the life cycle of a small business, the possibilities of overcoming traditional obstacles become easy.  With options for integrating a mobile workforce, teleworkers, and traditional desk handsets into a single phone system, mobile workers (once separated due to traditional call forwarding and cell phones) can now "cover the office" in seamless fashion.  Now with cell phones, mobile workers can appear "in the office" when business demands may have pulled them away.  All of this can be accomplished with a "bring your own device" strategy!  Even in an era of advanced features, "right size, right value" is still accomplished with your mobile workforce! 

As features come to light, we see that small and large organizations benefit from the variety of benefits UCaaS has to offer.  Here at Georgia Business Net, our purpose is to help your business scale to the next level easily.  Our solutions are geared for growing businesses... even startups where the entrepreneur is still a "one man show"!  We have the caring team members, the processes, the project management philosophy, and the telecommunications products to help you do just that!  If you are a "one man show" or larger, we want to be a partner to help you grow!  For more information, please visit or contact us today at 706-823-2115. 

Myths about Unified Communications Solutions with Mobility Features: Part 1

Myth #1:  It takes a long time to transition to a Unified Communications Solution with integrated mobility features, and doing so is potentially laden with hassles at every step along the way.

Fact:  Small businesses cannot afford extended downtime while transitioning their phone solution.  Therefore, it is better to hire a specialist than a jack of all trades for this type of move.  A solution provider specializing in the field, and one that dedicates a project management representative, as well as a project management philosophy, is highly recommended to avoid pitfalls in the transition.

For more info:

 Since 1995, Georgia Business Net's mission has been to provide relevant technology guidance and strategy based upon fundamental proven business principles.  Today, GABN is focused on partnering with businesses to design, implement, and manage voice, data, and cloud communications platforms.  Our project management focus allows us to deliver excellent client outcomes in multi-vendor environments.   

UCaas – Unified Communications as a Service

2 Facts & 2 Tips to Improve Your Client's Experience

Proven time and again, investing in your client's experience will pay great dividends.  Here are a two facts to help remind us all of "what should be”

Did you know? 

A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience. Around 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. – White House Office of Consumer Affairs.

In an era of social media, the phone continues to reign supreme for serving customers.  Relationships matter, and relationships are better when you can connect on an emotional level.  Businesses are better off when clients can hear your voice.

In September 2015, a Consumer Reports survey showed us the #1 customer irritant was:

#1 Irritant:  I can’t get a live representative to talk to me.

Traditional business phone solutions can limit your business and the client experience.  

Technology & Next Generation Phone Solutions can take your client’s experience to the next level.

Flexible and scalable staffing, beyond the brick and mortar, is now an affordable reality. Call recording or call logs that are easily accessible are now an affordable reality.  Data can really drive your decision making, and now it can be at your fingertips.  Gone are the days where you had to manually gather data, or just go off of isolated customer service experiences to make changes in your business processes.

For more info:


Since 1995, Georgia Business Net's mission has been to provide relevant technology guidance and strategy based upon fundamental proven business principles.  Today, GABN is focused on partnering with businesses to design, implement, and manage voice, data, and cloud communications platforms.  Our project management focus allows us to deliver excellent client outcomes in multi-vendor environments.   


Tips for Client Engagement in the Information Age

The Georgia Business Net team is constantly evaluating how we engage our clients.  By and large, all businesses are faced with this ever changing challenge for internal and external clients.  Due to the nature of our business, we often partner with our clients in their internal meetings to assist defining a "best" strategy.   Here are a few of our thoughts taken from recent sessions.  

As technology and social norms change, we are sharing a few items to consider and hopefully this helps your team start a conversation toward defining "what's best":

  • Frequency of Proactive Engagement - Too much?  Too little?
  • Preferred Communication Methods & Resources Available to execute
  • Type of Industry / Vertical affects these how?

After thinking through those areas, isn't it amazing how the playing field and rules can turn on you without notice!  What's best today is very different than just 18 months ago!

For The Telecommunications Industry

Let's have some fun, and give you a peek inside of Georgia Business Net.  Our business is confronted with similar challenges as any other.  Although telecommunications, as a whole, receives routine venomous feedback over and over, year after year.  Some cite incredible growth, a lack of meaningful competitors, and constant technology changes, as a few reasons the industry gets its share of negativity.   However, GABN has always leveraged this feedback as great motivation to be better when working on your latest VoIP Solution or communications infrastructure.  We could use the vast array of tools at our disposal to create a highly automated end user experience.  We have unlimited high speed internet, Hosted PBX resources, and new mobile applications, but we must resist the tendency to allow technology to surpass the importance of personalized service and real relationships!  We also have taken notice that our services have become increasingly complex and change often, which drives us to focus less on the products and more so on managing a road map of results for you in the long term.  But that's enough about us... let's talk about some of you.

For Professional Service Firms

Whether you are a transactional firm or a management firm, you know as well as anyone that automation has impacted your daily workflow greatly.  Your "why" remains, but the "how" has many options.  From our purview as a communications vendor and business partner, we see that your industry is focused on a client's convenience and getting back to the basics of customer service.  However, you must balance these items with workflow efficiency and the latest technology to continue growth.  Connecting to clients with technology definitely leads to satisfaction, so long as the content is relevant to them personally.  In other words, you can successfully please your clients with automation, but one message doesn't fit all.  You'll need to create needs based message groups and processes.


Tremendous change in healthcare has led to analyzing the core of a provider's business model.  All change is painful.  A wrong move for one of your clients means hours of paperwork and phone calls to debate or dispute a painful billing issue.  Your client engagement focus should be on preventing this pain.  If your team is focused on developing frequent, proactive, and relevant guidance, your client's experience will be praised.  Simplicity and timely messages are two of the keys areas that define success.

If the business leadership will intentionally create process of continuous evaluation, I can say with confidence, and hopefully as your client in a few cases, that the user experience will be great.  People matter.  Therefore real relationships matter.  Those of you that keep your eye on this target will be well positioned to win in game where the rules keep changing.


Since 1995, Georgia Business Net's mission has been to provide relevant technology guidance and strategy based upon fundamental proven business principles.  Today, GABN is focused on partnering with businesses to design, implement, and manage voice, data, and cloud communications platforms.  Our project management focus allows us to deliver excellent client outcomes in multi-vendor environments.   




More on The Internet of Things

Now is the time for CES 2016 in Las Vegas.  Remembering all the way back to CES 2015 and reading the news this week, a couple of things remain true in my mind.  

Get used to the term The Internet of Things or IOT.  Wearable tech was all the rage in the past (and there's no sign that concept will fail)..  But let's face it , you can't wear everything!  The Internet of Things market, driven by business demands and a higher expectation of convenience, is very interesting.  

Many of the new gadgets and devices are outside of what Georgia Business Net focuses today, but as reliability improves and concepts are proven,  I can only wonder what enters our purview in the next couple of years.

Let your mind wander and dream a little while you read headlines like:

German Manufacturer CEO Remakes Company Around 'Internet of Things'

How exciting will it be to see training conducted in a high quality Virtual Reality Environment!  Fixing equipment with no risk of injury or expense?  All your products will be connected via IOT or Bluetooth, which leads my imagination to new business models and new ways to communicate.

Georgia Business Net focuses on managing business communications in today's network world.  In 2016, we are well aware that communicating is so much more than the desk phone and email.  How many things will we be managing in the future?

Keep Dreaming!

Since 1995, Georgia Business Net's mission has been to provide relevant technology guidance and strategy based upon fundamental proven business principles.  Today, GABN is focused on partnering with businesses to design, implement, and manage VoIP, Ethernet, private data transport, and Hosted PBX platforms.  Our project management focus allows us to deliver excellent client outcomes in multi-vendor environments.   We integrate multi-vendor and multi-carrier telecommunications solutions that make sense for your business and your vision.  Call Today 706-823-2115!