Net Neutrality & Privacy – What does it mean for and You? 

FCC 2017 - Net Neutrality & Privacy – What does it mean for and You?  Will the nation’s largest ISP’s behave in 2018?

Since 1995, has provided business advisory services, as well as Network & Telephone System Services.  We specialize in helping multi-location businesses grow and scale across the nation.  Our years of experience have taught GABN how to prepare for wildly changing Internet policies.  I’m proud of the GABN team for handling the effects of Washington’s policy changes so well that our clients can remain focused on their own success.

We want everyone to know a few details regarding GABN’s beliefs:

  • Your Privacy matters to us.

GABN will not collect and sell a client’s browsing and usage habits to third parties for any reason, even if allowed to do so.  Under the current FCC rules, Internet Service Providers are not required to ask a client’s permission to collect and sell data.

  • Your GABN product will be exactly as advertised.  Internet Access without obstructions.

Net Neutrality rules or not, GABN will deliver your services abiding by open Internet principles.  The rules changed on December 14, 2017 with an FCC vote to repeal rules that demand a free and open Internet.  When those demands are lifted, GABN will not change how we operate.  

We want your business to grow, scale, and succeed.  We want to win based upon the merits of our services.  No one wins when hidden agendas exist.  

GABN understands the FCC is a political animal.  For over 20 years and four different Presidents, GABN has succeeded by solving problems in all climates.  We study for the future without ignoring the results your business requires for today.