Future is Now: LTE Wireless Connectivity Solutions & Real Time Video

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From the public safety sector to protecting your private property, LTE Mobile Broadband is enabling better protection for less.  Real time video is a great solution for numerous applications, and wireless broadband has enabled a cost effective surge in the number of solutions deployed. Connecting remote cameras via fiber is cost prohibitive in many cases, and therefore real time video delivery to you or your security team has been avoided.  However, recent advancements in the industry has enabled 4G LTE devices to solve this problem cost effectively.  As a result, federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as private property owners are using advanced wireless solutions as backup or as an alternative to fiber.   As a WAN network integrator with a focus on uptime and critical data needs, GABN can help you determine the best data transport for your safety needs.  Since 1995, GABN has built premium Internet, telephone, and data solutions for those that need the highest level of service and support.   GABN has partnered with the industry's leading wireless technology providers including Cradlepoint and their recently updated NetCloud platform to help you take the next step with managing mobile broadband in your application.