Telecommunications Experts.  Friendly People.  Proven Approach.

Since 1995, we have designed, built, and managed voice and data solutions for ourselves and others.  We witnessed, and have lead projects in many instances, where the Internet and related solutions moved from back office business assistance to play the role of critical infrastructure for your core business function.  Our Core Values are structured around keeping your business running and taking care of your team.  We are passionate about helping in the following areas:

Project Design & Administration Management Services

Moving?  Expanding?  Technology, especially communications technology, is at the root of all business.  You have deadlines and non-negotiable requirements when changes are being made.  Your team has to remain functional and efficient as a business during these moments.  Georgia Business Net understands the realities and risks associated with moving costs, time, multiple technology vendors, and technical details.  We will help guide you through the following process phases:

Project Management

  • Bid Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Installation Management
  • Contract / Vendor Management
  • Facilitating & Instructing
  • Quality Assurance

Technology Needs Assessment

  • Supporting Technologies Audit
  • Facility Consultation
    • Location Evaluations
    • New Site Assessment
    • Existing Building Due Diligence Evaluation

Performance support

  • Pre-Installation Testing
  • Day 1 - On Site Go-Live Support 
  • Ongoing Monitoring Post Install

collaborate & design

  • Apply Needs & Facilitate Vendor Meetings
  • Coordinate Concepts & Criteria

Effective Business Continuity Planning & Management 

Our friendly team of telecommunications experts can help you plan, implement, and therefore avoid the negative affects of disruptions in your business.  From a risk assessment to training and maintenance, we can work with your leadership to manage Business Continuity Planning for small and medium sized companies.