Our Philosophy & Methodology Starts with Your Vision

All businesses today must react swiftly to changing conditions and unexpected variables.  Your communications service provider must have a deep understanding of how YOU do business.

1.  We listen first!

You can not effectively create a solution without first knowing and identifying business needs, your desired end user experience, and the core principles and factors of how you do business.  We have to know what's going well, and also where the aches and pains are experience.  We also begin each client relationship with a local site assessment.

2. Needs & Impact Analysis

In this phase, our team analyzes the data from your interviews and site surveys.  We prioritize your needs, and evaluate what options you have to improve and grow towards your desired outcome.

3.  Collaborate & Design

The next step in our process is all about discussing the best of everything available to you.  We apply the needs to other proven concepts and case studies.  We evaluate the proposed  designs against our benchmarks of excellence and value.  We iterate as necessary, before we formalize the final concepts, priorities, and criteria for excellence.

4.  Plan Testing, Training, Day 1 Support, & Maintenance

We formalize the plan, and then the plan is tested in a simulated environment.  Your plans are living documents that are updated throughout the life cycle of your service.  Our final review is conducted and the solution is finalized ready to go live if the test results are aligned with your original strategic goals.  On site training is conducted to ensure key employees have the information necessary to achieve success.  We are always on site to support you during your first day.

5.  Performance Review

Conducting regular reviews at appropriate intervals is necessary for sustainable success and growth of your business.  Internally, and with your key staff, we understand that all solutions will remain in a state of continuous improvement.  Execution of regular reviews guarantees that business process changes are always part of the service plan and documentation.