Rethink The Phone System.  A Dynamic Toolset That Empowers Better Teamwork, Better Client Relationships, Better Business.


VVP Mobile lets you use all the features of being in the office while you are on the move. Missed Calls, Transfers, and more are a click away on almost any mobile device.

Take Your Office On The Go

With email and spreadsheets, you are accustomed to moving from desktop to laptop to tablet at any given minute.  Now you can enjoy these same conveniences with your office phone system.  Quickly connect with teammates or take a seamless call transfer with ease.  

You've Improved Your Client Efficiency

With our state of the art mobile offering, you have the ability to answer calls with ease rather than forcing a client to wait for your old find me follow me protocol to dial more numbers.  VVP Mobile will find you prior to the ring.

FAILURE? You can recover quickly

Protect against basic Internet Outages, Storms, Staff absences, and more with flexible call routing. You won't lose touch from clients, suppliers, or the staff with Vitel Voice Premium.


Call data is easy to access with Vitel Voice Premium.  Missed calls, inbound, or outbound placed calls are easy to review via your web browser.  Meaningful research of this data can reveal a lost sale, or a new opportunity.

Take Control.  Redefine Communications with Online & Mobile Tools.

Your Call.  Your Choice.  Stay Efficient.  On Demand.

Subscribe to multiple phone lines for any one location.  Each service is equipped with comprehensive features that your team members can activate or deactivate to suit their particular requirements.  You can call our friendly support team to make changes or take advantage of the online service management tools so you can customize and update your services as your business changes and grows.

  • Speed Dialing
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting Cancel
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Extension Based Dialing
  • Web Portal Access
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Interactive Auto Attendant
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Business Voicemail
  • Calling Line ID
  • Calling Number Blocking
  • Call Forwarding – Busy
  • Call Forwarding – No Answer
  • Call Forwarding – Unconditional
  • Hunting
  • Selective Call Rejection

Need Even More Options?

Looking for a phone solution that will extend your current road map and still soften those costly fork lift upgrades ? Our Business Services Design Team can craft a Digital Business Trunking solution that is scalable and cost-effective.  Contact Us Today 706-823-2115.

Our Voice Services Process Overview

1.  Needs analysis & Solution Design

Georgia Business Net works closely with clients to design a custom solution, starting with a voice needs assessment to understand your business functions criteria and growth plans. We then design a solution using proven technology.

2.  Project Management, implementation, & onsite training

Our project managers and engineering team handle the complete implementation process including pre-installation preparation, training, deployment, and testing.  GABN is focused on supporting clients throughout the entire process and is on-site for the new system go-live and beyond.

3.  Go live Support, Updates, & Maintenance

We will be there for you on your first day and post-installation, GABN provides continuous, comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance and support that helps ensure maximum system performance, reliability, and availability.  Our project management focus drives us to keep up your solution design documented at all times.  Your business processes, your most used features, and more are kept in living documents that are available to our support team members.  Reviews are conducted at regular intervals to make sure you and your team are taking advantage of key features.  Reviews are also a great time to discuss and train your team on new and improved features that have been added to your solution.