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Expert Guide Cloud Phone Systems

Expert Guides to Cloud Phone Solutions

All-in-One Business Phone Systems with Voice, Text, Team Messaging & Fax

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What is UCaaS?

A unified communications system ensures that all the workers have proper access.  This way, employees can answer all communications while on the move. This level of connectivity is what makes a UCaaS solution a must-have. Loved by all size businesses. 

Who's Advocating for You?

When dealing with phone carriers, software vendors, and other technology-related vendors, we advocate for you.

GABN solutions feature multiple vendor options, modules, and licensing models. 

We sit at the table with your organization's needs in mind and want to be an extension of your team.   Each business has different requirements, and we design your communication solution to YOUR needs and desires.

Salespeople like to sell, but will the product fit your organization or do what they claim?  We are there for you to determine the answers to those questions.

Our Cloud Phone Solutions offer:

  1. Voice Calling: GABN provides traditional voice calling services, including call forwarding, call waiting, and call transfer.

  2. VoIP (Voice over IP): GABN supports VoIP technology, allowing voice communication over the internet.

  3. Auto Attendant: This feature offers automated call routing and greetings to enhance customer experience.

  4. Conference Calling: GABN allows for conference calls with multiple participants, making it easier to collaborate with remote teams or clients.

  5. Voicemail: Voicemail services are available, including voicemail-to-email options for convenience.

  6. Call Recording: GABN offers call recording capabilities for compliance and quality assurance.

  7. Mobile Integration: Metaswitch supports mobile apps, enabling users to make and receive calls on their smartphones while maintaining business numbers.

  8. Presence Management: Real-time presence status of colleagues helps improve communication and collaboration.

  9. Call Analytics:  Detailed call analytics and reporting for business insights and performance tracking.

  10. Security Features:  Security is a team effort, and GABN joins you by providing security measures to protect your communication data.

  11. Scalability:  UCaaS, or unified communications as a service us a cloud delivery model that brings unified communications - like chat, call, file sharing, and video conferencing tools - into a single interface and platform.  UCaaS services can grow with your business, making it suitable for entrepreneurs up to large businesses looking to scale their operations.

  • Additional Integrated Applications - Large Displays for Your Reception Desk or Call Center & More

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